What is it about an enthusiastic man eating his way through Italy that got everyone going?

Photo courtesy of CNN

…and what a hopeful little muppet I was!

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Travel/Humor Blogger. Content Creator. Survivor of Polish Upbringing. Teller of Tales.

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If there was ever a year to skip New Year’s resolutions, it’s this one. Seriously. They don’t matter.

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This holiday season, let’s reflect on all the strange things you enjoyed eating in the name of family tradition.

Photo by Yana Gayvoronskaya on Canva

If there’s no such thing as widespread voter fraud and “illegal voting,” what’s wrong with people in this moment? Seriously, though.

Photo by Juan Rumimpunu on Unsplash

Melania Trump received quite a bit of kudos last night for a speech that apparently exuded class. Is that all we want our women to be?

Image credit via BBC.com

My dog Kimmy Kibbler is afraid of everything, e.g. crunchy leaves, her own shadow. And yet, here we are, surviving together.

Why are we so worried about offending the offensive? Should there be a purity test for when we should just cut a bigoted person loose?

Photo by Zachary Kadolph on Unsplash

Watching people’s reactions to coronavirus restrictions was rough, but seeing this self-serving white nonsense is so much worse.

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

Agnes Groonwald

travel/humor blogger | content creator | survivor of Polish upbringing | teller of tales | travelonthereg.com

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