What is it about an enthusiastic man eating his way through Italy that got everyone going?

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There are a few things I got into while stuck at home over the last year or so, like creating a home office space, labeling every container in my kitchen and watching Stanley Tucci make cocktails.

The last felt most meaningful, as I was able to watch Tucci shake it…the Negroni, I mean, and get permission to drink my drinks in whatever container was around at the time.

…and what a hopeful little muppet I was!

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There’s been a lot of introspection this week as we approach the one-year mark on when things really hit the fan around here.

I run a humor/travel blog and associated Instagram account from San Diego, America’s Finest City, so it rarely gets too serious over there. But that social media account did give me a good timeline of events as to how naive I truly was at that time.

We know now that the earliest death linked back to COVID-19 in the United States was Feb. 6. That case, a woman up in San Jose, was well before what we…

Travel/Humor Blogger. Content Creator. Survivor of Polish Upbringing. Teller of Tales.

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You’ve likely stumbled here by accident, or perhaps I posted this on social media somewhere under the guise of, “If you like me, you’ll click on this,” emotional blackmail at its finest.

All I’m really trying to do here is introduce you to me, so that you know what kind of content to expect around here and anywhere else you may see my name in print, er…online.

In any case, I’m a somewhere-in-my-30s San Diego-based writer with a husband and a dog named Kimmy Kibbler.

If there was ever a year to skip New Year’s resolutions, it’s this one. Seriously. They don’t matter.

Photo by Ava Sol on Unsplash

If there was ever a year where New Year’s resolutions truly didn’t matter, it’s this one.

There are Americans out there who have barely come out of this year alive. I mean that quite literally. Many others have lost loved ones, or lost their sense of self, compounded by a political landscape that would be absurd if it wasn’t so damaging.

People are feeling the pressure to start anew in 2021, despite all of these outside influences causing a dumpster fire of emotions and the simple fact that life probably won’t look much different on Jan. 1.

So to that…

This holiday season, let’s reflect on all the strange things you enjoyed eating in the name of family tradition.

Photo by Yana Gayvoronskaya on Canva

There’s a moment when every child of immigrants realizes that the food they grew up on is an acquired taste.

My parents are both from Poland. Most people know and love pierogi, those little pillows of buttered goodness, fried on bacon grease. But the same people who brought you pierogi also consume pickled herring, fish in gelatin, tripe soup, and smalec (essentially lard spread), to name just a few.

I don’t know how many pounds of headcheese my mother consumed over the years, but it was essentially our bologna.

For me, I didn’t know the general populous thought our spreads…

If there’s no such thing as widespread voter fraud and “illegal voting,” what’s wrong with people in this moment? Seriously, though.

Photo by Juan Rumimpunu on Unsplash

Yesterday morning, I watched with some amusement as Ivanka Trump proclaimed to her 10 million Twitter followers that her father, President-lame duck Donald Trump, had been called victorious in Alaska by the Associated Press:

Melania Trump received quite a bit of kudos last night for a speech that apparently exuded class. Is that all we want our women to be?

Image credit via BBC.com

There’s been a lot of commentary today about how classy Melania Trump was in her address at the Republican National Convention last night.

The idea behind calling her classy seems to be less about the content of the words coming out of her mouth, which were, admittedly, much more measured than what we’d come to expect over the last two nights.

Rather, it seems to have more to do with how she looked delivering her message.

“What’d you like about it?” I dared to ask someone on social media.

“She was very beautiful, the classiest First Lady ever,” was the…

My dog Kimmy Kibbler is afraid of everything, e.g. crunchy leaves, her own shadow. And yet, here we are, surviving together.

My dog Kimmy Kibbler is a very skittish dog.

She has a long list of things just around the neighborhood that make her nervous, like children on scooters, soda cans rolling down the street, motorcycles, crunchy leaves, and that giant inflatable arm man that wiggles and sways at the car wash.

That’s not an exhaustive list.

When these things are in her view, she does this move where she spins on the leash at least three times, often four, tangling herself up in her own harness. She whines, and tugs at me to take her in the opposite direction. The…

Why are we so worried about offending the offensive? Should there be a purity test for when we should just cut a bigoted person loose?

Photo by Zachary Kadolph on Unsplash

There are things you’re told not to talk about at the dinner table: politics, religion…I’m sure there are others, likely related to sex stuff.

We’ve been conditioned not to rock the boat when we’re around folks that we just can’t put our finger on.

Uncle Joe might be a little bit…right-leaning, so keep things light if you know what’s good for you.

Grandma Ruth comes from a different time. She doesn’t know any better, so she may say things that aren’t super politically correct these days.

So we give these people a pass, year in and year out, Thanksgiving after…

Watching people’s reactions to coronavirus restrictions was rough, but seeing this self-serving white nonsense is so much worse.

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

I thought it would be people’s response to coronavirus restrictions that would test my patience to its limits.

After all, I’ve spent months watching people disregard science, posting photos of themselves having a great time with their friends because they were over it, or felt the measures were overblown, or just didn’t see the fuss, or had been “so careful” up to a certain point and really just needed things to get back to normal.

The last few weeks have been particularly fun as states have begun to reopen, welcoming those people who have been lamenting their lack of haircuts…

Agnes Groonwald

travel/humor blogger | content creator | survivor of Polish upbringing | teller of tales | travelonthereg.com

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